Utilization Review


Our utilization review team works with treatment centers nationwide in order to improve the quality and length of stay for patients requiring authorization before rendering service. By doing so, we bring added assurance that not only a patient can receive authorized care, but a treatment center can expect reimbursement from various insurance carriers.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Our utilization review staff is made up of dedicated clinicians with the experience and passion to seek the highest levels of care for your patients and also extending a patient’s length of stay which can improve the chances of recovery.

We will get you MAX days authorized... using our utilization review TECHNOLOGY!

Panacea Healthcare Services has invested in proprietary software to help ensure our clients receive the appropriate reimbursements for the services they have provided.

Our new utilization review technology will provide evidence-based clinical decision support criteria specifically developed to help payers and providers optimize behavioral healthcare decisions by enabling them to move patients safely and efficiently through the continuum of care.

The criteria are organized in our continuum format, which presents all settings of care in one view, and enables the assessment of symptom improvement, to proactively help move patients along the continuum of care efficiently and effectively.

If you would like to learn more about our utilization review technology and how it can assist in your revenue growth...

On average, our UR reps obtain:

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