Our unique approach is based on a 360° comprehensive service model focused on providing not only claims management but additional necessary service solutions to the healthcare community.

Panacea can provide assistance for established facilities and new startup organizations by improving financial, clinical and operational outcomes. We partner with our clients to mitigate operational challenges and simplify the transition to a value-based care model, while remaining focused on the integrity of the care and culture of our partners.

Through our comprehensive suite of services Panacea is positioned to better respond to our partners needs and to deliver next-generation innovations in revenue management and more.

With traditional revenue cycle management failing, the healthcare community needs experts that provide real time solutions to overcoming their challenges. Private insurance carriers continue to reduce the rate of reimbursements across the board and are making it impossible to maintain high quality care models.

We believe a new paradigm is needed to help healthcare providers not only survive but thrive in these trying times. Our systems and services offer real time solutions to the reimbursement challenges presented in the healthcare industry by moving you out of the traditional cycle of poor reimbursement into a new, end-to-end solution for success and longevity.

Why Panacea Healthcare Services?

With comprehensive end-to-end business solutions along with new technologies, Panacea Healthcare Services will allow providers to make more informed decisions, track and analyze their vital data and navigate the challenges of the healthcare industry.

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