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As you focus on patient care, let us maintain your revenue cycle management needs along with an array of services that are vital to healthcare organization's growth

Billing & Claims Management

In order to rise to the challenges presented by payer reimbursement in the healthcare space, our Comprehensive Claims Management system manages every aspect of your insurance claims, from verification to billing and collections, ensuring you are receiving the optimal level of reimbursement for the services you provide.

Our Billing & Claims Management services include but are not limited to:

  • Behavioral Health Billing
  • Family Practice Medical Billing
  • Hospital Billing
  • ACO/Physician Group


Our Paid 2 Member Collection Services will assist healthcare providers with the retrieval of claim reimbursements which were paid by the insurance carrier directly to your patient. This conflicted payment method by third-party insurance carriers constitutes a drain upon your collectable finances for services which were rendered and which you are entitled to receive. Our team of collection agency experts will professionally provide a solution on capturing lost reimbursements utilizing ethical tactics.


Accrued AR Services refer to the practice of analyzing outstanding insurance claims & money owed from commercial insurance policies, for services provided. our trained professionals perform a line-by-line analysis in addition to a full claims analysis to determine billing accuracy.

Healthcare providers have found the following benefits of utilizing our Accrued AR Services…

  • Immediate understanding of the possibility of collecting outstanding funds
  • Ability to forecast & budget based on new projection of potential funds
  • Immediate training of staff…to not duplicate clinical errors that caused some of the initial mistakes that impacted reimbursements

Why Panacea Healthcare Services?

With comprehensive end-to-end business solutions along with new technologies, Panacea Healthcare Services will allow providers to make more informed decisions, track and analyze their vital data and navigate the challenges of the healthcare industry.

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