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To run a successful healthcare practice, it’s important to diversity your payer mix. Here are 5 reasons why payer mix is more important than you thought. In Healthcare, having a solid and diverse payer mix can be the difference between running a thriving business and closing your doors. Having a diverse payer mix takes the power away from any one insurer. This gives you more control of your cash flow, and enables you to better predict how much money you’ll have at any given time.While this is a simple concept, it’s important to understand precisely how the differences in payer operations

As healthcare evolves, there is a growing push toward rewarding positive patient outcomes through Value-Based Reimbursements, and using outcomes tracking as a condition for continued accreditation. In fact, The Joint Commission has announced that all members must begin tracking and assessing patient outcomes by January 1, 2018.But what should you track and how should you track it?

The entire business model of a substance abuse treatment center depends upon accurate, complete and timely insurance reimbursements.  Unfortunately, many treatment centers struggle to accurately and effectively document patient care in order to get the reimbursements they need to stay afloat.With that in mind, we put together this simple cheat sheet for improving patient documentation. For a more in depth look at this issue, we invite you to download our e-book, 3 Reasons Your Documentation is Costing You Money – And What to Do About It.

Claim aging is one of the biggest issues in healthcare today – especially in behavioral health, where there is so much subjectivity when it comes to medical necessity. This is why it’s important for providers to understand why their claims go into aging – and what they can do about it.Here are the top three reasons for claim aging

In the healthcare industry, it is a common practice to give work to multiple vendors who specialize in their field. Sometimes you will be happy that you got something great done at a low cost. But have you ever thought of how many times you had to give briefings to each vendor to get your work done and how many times you need to follow up or call your vendors? Also have you noticed that you get different quality output from different vendors? Do you get all the outputs on time? I am sure the answer is NO. What if