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Focus On Patient Care

Our mission is to provide a ``one-Stop Shop`` solution for your healthcare business needs. As you focus on patient care and the growth of your business, let us manage your operational needs.

More Money- Faster

With our rapid clean claim submission, we help expidite private insurance reimbursements

Less Stress

While you concentrate on patient care- Let us take care of the business side

Easy to Contact

As a client you will constant access to our client relations team

Reports you need

At Panacea you will have everything from monthly customary reports to complex waterfall reports at your finger tips

Please See Our Listed Services Below

Billing & Claims Management
Outsource Your Billing Services

In order to rise to the challenges presented by payer reimbursement in the healthcare space, our Comprehensive Claims Management system manages every aspect of your insurance claims, from verification to billing and collections, ensuring you are receiving the optimal level of reimbursement for the services you provide.

Hospital Billing
A Great Solution

Do you find your finances getting out of control due to your accounts receivables and claims aging rapidly climbing? A disorganized hospital billing process will not only affect your revenue but will add to your daily stress. Outsourcing presents a great solution for your hospital billing requirements, helping you organize the entire billing and collection process at a fraction of your current operating costs.

Verification of Benefits
Increase Your Revenue

At Panacea, we understand the importance of timely & accurate Quotes of insurance benefits. Our VOB services is the starting point that can kick off the opportunity to assist those in need.

Utilization Review
Seek The Highest Level of Care

Our utilization review staff is made up of dedicated clinicians with the experience and passion to seek the highest levels of care for your patients and also extending a patient’s length of stay which can improve the chances of recovery.

Accrued AR Collection Training
Capturing Lost Revenue

Accrued AR Services refer to the practice of analyzing outstanding insurance claims & money owed from commercial insurance policies, for services provided.

Clinical Documentation
Improved Documentation Best Practices

Utilize our clinical consultation services to improve documentation best practices for your substance abuse treatment program. Clinical documentation requirements, often viewed as a chore, are a familiar part of treatment center practice. However, the importance of clinical documentation is often overlooked by behavioral health practitioners which can severely affect a treatment center’s reimbursements from private insurance carries.

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